What is VPS Cloudflare and how does it work?

April 11, 2017

VPS Cloud Vietnam is a free service which speed ups and secures your website by operating as a proxy between servers and your visitors.


What is CloudFlare?

Cloudflare is known as a website optimization technology that uses a number of techniques to improve your website performance. Cloudflare will inspect and filter out , unwanted traffic, malicious requests and other resource draining requests by directing your traffic through their global network. In addition to filtering traffic, Cloudflare also offers caching for static data through their CDN style installation.

With CloudFlare, you can prevent your website from malicious visitors, reduce average page load times and save bandwidth.

How does it work?

When CloudFlare is enabled for your website that means it is indicated as your authoritative name servers. This allows CloudFlare to accelerate and clean your traffic as all requests to your website are now directed through CloudFlare. With 23 data centers around the world and network routing technology, cloud VPS best provider is able to:


  • Optimize your website data: Rocket Loader technology is integrated in all CloudFlare plans and helps your website to respond to more efficiently process requests for third party scripts like applications, widgets and tags. Rocket Loader makes sure that no script blocks your content from loading by bundling all script requests into a single request and loading them once at a time.
  • Bring visitor the fastest connection: CloudFlare’s global Anycast network directs customers to the closest Data Center. This will result in your website loading twice as fast for your visitors no matter where they are.
  • Cache static content on your website: CloudFlare will cache static data on your website like JavaScript, images, and CSS, but not HTML. Cached content will be refreshed frequently and directly delivered to visitors from a local data center at a fast speed. Even when data is not cache-able, CloudFlare still can respond to requests just as fast by using premium routes.
  • Screen your website’s traffic for bad visitors: CloudFlare can receive requests for your website and analyzes them to determine if the visitor is a threat based on the visitor’s IP, the payload being posted, the resource being requested and how frequently requests are being made among other things. With VPS cloud Vietnam, the threats are blocked and good visitors can access the pages they request quickly.


Of cause, Cloudflare has an extensive support network installation. Their help page is at https://www.cloudflare.com/help.html which offers a knowledgebase, FAQ, and Wiki. Besides the existing support resources, they also offer email support and a contact form that can be found on their website. To know more about Cloudflare as a company, their About Us section on their website will offer neccessary information.

Cloudflare supports SSL with your website fully. If your SSL is set up on a subdomain, you can continue using it on a free account and just notice that it is an SSL subdomain within your Cloudflare account dashboard. If your SSL is set up into your primary domain, you will have to upgrade to a Cloudflare Pro account.