What is future of Cloud VPS best?

March 27, 2017

In this report we discuss the potential of cloud VPS best in terms of institutional efficiency and in empowering individual staff members.

We also make the outline of recent work to reduce the friction of engaging with cloud computing technologies and then suggest a direction of travel which will enable UK colleges, universities to exploit the potential of cloud computing to its full of the extent.


We can see that the industry leaders in the Infrastructure as a Service sector are arch-rivals Google and Microsoft, along with Amazon’s dedicated Web Services division. These three titans offer scalable and cost-effective cloud resources that already host many of the world’s leading companies and brands; Amazon alone claim to have customers in 190 countries. It is expected that these three data warehousing providers will tighten their grip on large-scale VPS cloud free trial by 2020, thanks to their proprietary cutting-edge hardware and seemingly bottomless marketing budgets.


Small-scale data storage is another area that will increasingly migrate to the cloud. Despite some well-publicised leaks of compromised personal data, private cloud specialists like Dropbox should continue their expansion as data is uploaded into the cloud rather than stored offline on data keys or DVD-ROMs. These devices will become largely redundant as broadband, NFC and online folder storage roll out across the UK. To resolve today’s comprehensible concerns about security data centers should begin resembling fortresses instead of warehouses. Two-factor authentication is likely to be the norm rather than the exception, and many of today’s IT startups are exclusively concerned with improving cloud security over the coming years.


Ironically, the ubiquity of cloud hosting might actually negate the word ‘cloud’ from use by 2020. In the same way that webmail is now simply known as email, consumers will assume data storage and hosting are being handled in the VPS cloud Linux unless they’re specifically told otherwise. This will happen in tandem with a blurring of the boundaries between PC and mobile devices, as smartphones continue to extend and tablet devices become more synonymous with SAAS business platforms like Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. With the majority of internet access already conducted via mobile devices, and growing numbers of employees working remotely for part or all of the time, universal accessibility to corporate servers and files will become ever-more crucial as this decade approaches its end.

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