What is cloud vps vietnam?

October 18, 2016

Cloud VPS Vietnam is becoming the popular storage solutions for businesses and individuals.

  1. What is virtualization technology?

Virtualization technology is created to intermediate connectivity between computer hardware and the software systems. The idea of virtualization is originated by creating independent virtual servers from a physical server. Each virtual server has its own operating systems and separate applications.


  1. What is benefit of Virtualization Technology?

Virtual serves is used for many purposes. This technology enables hardware consolidation because multiple operating systems can run on a computer. The main applications of VPS in Vietnam include the ability of integration as below:

  • – Server consolidation:

While multiple servers only use a small available resource to operate applications, the virtual server can allow multiple applications to operate on a single server at the same time. Even if this application needs the more version of different operating system or middleware.

  • – Created testing environment:

 Each virtual server plays a role as a separate environment. This will allow the experts to rebuild operating system configurations or compare each different version of applications that was designed for different operating systems.

In addition, the experts can test early versions of an application on virtual server without affecting the stability of the system for other users.

  • – Re-hosting dedicated applications:

The dedicated operating system and applications can operate on new hardware along with the latest operating system and applications.

  • – Improve security:

Virtual server helps us simplify the data recovery. Virtualization technology can be used as part of a plan to prevent and recover from information technology disasters. However this requires flexible hardware platforms.

VPS for Vietnam not only allows you to react to bad problems more efficiently but also to build an information technology self-management solution.


  1. Virtualization in Vietnam

The virtualization technology in Vietnam is not popular previously. The main reason is because most of the enterprises in Vietnam are not aware of the necessity of saving space, energy and labor that they can get by using virtualization technology.

In addition, a lot of people are still afraid of the security of this virtual system. However, without virtualization we have to spend much cost in maintaining and repairing of the physical system.

Therefore, it is necessary to be widespread the benefits of virtualization technology in Vietnam go get along with the trend of global development.