VPS cloud Vietnam is your business opportunity (part 2)

August 17, 2017

Development teams must continually release new products, features or services and VPS cloud Vietnam make this perpetual iterating feasible.

  1. Embrace software-defined everything

The beauty of the software-defined nature of the cloud is that it can make security teams’ jobs easier. They can inject themselves throughout the infrastructure landscape and lifecycle. They no longer need to figure out how to capture information from switches, routers, and other devices at various layers of the network and try to correlate the data, as it is all tied together. Besides, integrations with tools like Slack and PagerDuty enable internal dialogues that empower non-security team members to collaborate on detection and response to potential problem. And when it is time for security teams to intervene and investigate, deep audit trails make it possible to track not just whether a user logged in, but what processes they kicked off.

Cloud vps vietnam

Some companies think cloud vps Vietnam introduces a new layer of vulnerability, however in reality, it is just the opposite. The cloud presents companies with an opportunity to evaluate their security requirements and reconsider their strategy and processes. It can enable security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives and also improve collaboration with Operations and Engineering teams. This allows development, operations and security teams to spend more time on projects that drive real business value and less time frantically checking for potential security gaps.

Do not let a past security issue prevent your company from migrating to the cloud and reaping its benefits. Discuss the change in detail and address any concerns with everyone in your organization well in advance. Track historical instances in order to ensure security and compliance and consider implementing a cloud VPS Vietnam security solution to help gain deep insight into your environment in real-time, as software-defined everything is only possible with complete visibility.


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