VPS cloud Vietnam is your business opportunity (part 1)

August 12, 2017

In order to stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to constantly innovate thanks to VPS cloud Vietnam.

Cloud technology has undoubtedly enabled enterprise to innovate frequently and quickly. However, it is introduced a myriad of security concerns, usually causing development, operations and security teams to become overwhelmed and distracted. Nowadays, security does not have to hold back high-velocity, cloud-based product development cycles. Enterprises can get complete cloud security and compliance without a security problem impacting delivery speed, providing that they use the right tools and best practices across their organization.


Below are 3 main tips companies should consider to overcome any lingering security concerns and scale securely and quickly in the VPS for Vietnam:

  1. Educate your team

For enterprises moving to a cloud infrastructure for the first time, it I necessary to discuss the change and ensure that everyone understands how they will be affected before any data is migrated over. A key part of this discussion should be explaining that security is no longer about perimeter defense and prevention; understanding the behavior of your workloads, the users and environment is critical knowledge that needs to be shared. It is necessary that everybody on the operation, development and security teams understand what all of their assets are doing and what’s taking place within the cloud workload at all times, as this is the good way to detect real cloud security threats as soon as they take place.

  1. Track the ephemeral

Back in the days of ‘racking and stacking,’ it was easy to know what servers you had and where they were. But with cloud-based infrastructures, one of the key value propositions is elasticity: you might spin up an EC2 instance or cluster, for example, do some data analysis for an hour or two, and then turn it off. There’re advantages to such elasticity. However, it is crucial to also have the ability to go back in time and view activity to ensure compliance and potentially investigate any risks. Besides, as you’re building up and burning down, you want to know that those transient systems and workloads were compliant with your security posture. All companies focus on catching cloud VPS Vietnam security incidents only when they are happening. But to remain consistently secure and compliant, security teams need to ‘rewind’ and look at instances that may no longer exist.


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