VPS Cloud Linux won’t require users to worry about infrastructure

March 2, 2017

Google infrastructure czar Urs Hölzle is focused on VPS cloud Linux future where users do not think about the infrastructure.


“So that means you may have a million users who move to that new hardware platform, not knowing they did”, he said at the Structure Conference in San Francisco. This means you can really insert this new technology faster cycle than you could if you did the similar thing available.”

That means the companies can get quick, seamless improvements to performance, as opposed to an available deployment. When they operating their own data centers, the enterprises must take the time to evaluate new hardware and take the time to release it.


In his opinion, one of the key advantages of VPS cloud cheap Vietnam is that users can get the more benefits of new hardware without having to completely rework their software.

While Hölzle’s vision holds true to a point, no abstraction layer will be completely report in the future, IDC Program Director Al Hilwa said by email.

“Over time, both architectures and methodologies have changed, and in software that is happening faster than in many spaces,” he said. “Still, a good abstraction provides protection and better longevity.”

Moreover, Hölzle sees a future where the overwhelming majority of users will not be worry about what kinds of compute instance their workloads are running on. Instead, platforms will be responsible for intelligently proposing what sort of compute resources users should use and catch up with what they need.

Use of the VPS cloud hosting Vietnam also means large providers as Google can experiment with the underlying hardware to improve performance then decide to go in a different direction, without requiring users to rework what they have to do.


“So I hope, five years from now, 1 % of cloud users will be accustomed to know the word ‘machine type’, and 99 % say ‘I have never thought about it’. My stuff runs at great performance, low cost, I guess someone must pick the right machine type for you”, said Hölzle.