Top 5 best vps cloud vietnam providers

October 21, 2016

VPS cloud Vietnam service has many advantage such as reasonable prices, easy registration procedures and immediate valid after registry.

Cloud VPS is a virtual server (Virtual private server) but it is based on cloud computing technology. Its advantages are the safety, security and flexibility when updating expansion. So choosing a VPS cloud becomes more and more popular than normal VPS service with old technology.

However if you use VPS, you need to have the management experience server Linux as CentOS, Ubuntu. And further that you must know to install and configure server software to run your website. You are also capable of server configuration software to manage your website. VPS gets low price, with only US $ 5 you can buy a VPS. It is more expensive if you have your provider manage you server.

And the following is top 5 best cloud VPS in Vietnam service providers all over the world with millions of using customers, including Vietnam customer.

  1. RamNode

 RamNote is a leading VPS provider SSD technology now and latest Server configuration for customers. Therefore, the speed and stability of this VPS service are highly appreciated. It is said that RamNote is one of cheapest vendors with many choices of VPS configuration according to your needs. If you want to improve loading speed, you can add more CPU. In case you want more storage space, let choose more SSD storage.

Disadvantage: No server in Asia. However, you can choose the Seattle area and use CloudFlare to get high speeds.


  1. DigitalOcean

It is a virtual server provider located in the US city of New York. It has many data centers in New York, Amsterdam, San Francisco, London and Singapore. Digital Ocean was established in 2011 but now it owns over 400 000 customers with more than 4 million VPS Cloud. Thanks to good quality services with superior hardware technology such as high-speed SSD, optimized interface, suitable installation for WordPress, Node.js, Drupal, LAMP, LEMP…

Disadvantage: Some user got timeout situation, but it is insignificant.


  1. Linode

Linode is one of the oldest Cloud VPS Vietnam service providers since 2003 till now. If you are Asian customer, there are servers in Japan and Singapore for you to choose.

With long experience, Linode is the most reliable service today. It always updates the latest technology for SSD Hard Drive and built many quality data centers.

  1. Vultr

Vultr is seniors in the vendors of VPS for Vietnam with 15 years of experience. It has more than 14 data centers located in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. There is server in Japan.

Disadvantage: Sometimes users got timeout situation with 1GB package. But others do not. However most customers got good experience so if you can try it as testing.

  1. CloudWays

CloudWays does not directly provide Vietnam VPS hosting, it just uses the API that provides interfaces and utility functions to manage Cloud VPS for 3rd party. They use technology of DigitalOcean cloud, Amazon and Google Cloud service. It has a great support team for 24/24. Any question seems to be answered immediately. It also allows customer to manage VPS entirely on its interface.

Disadvantage: higher prices because they provides an interface for you to manage the server.