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In order to stay ahead in today’s competitive business landscape, companies need to constantly innovate thanks to VPS cloud Vietnam. Cloud technology has undoubtedly enabled enterprise to innovate frequently and quickly. However, it is introduced a myriad of security concerns, usually causing development, operations and security teams to become overwhelmed and distracted. Nowadays, security does […]

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Development teams must continually release new products, features or services and VPS cloud Vietnam make this perpetual iterating feasible. Embrace software-defined everything The beauty of the software-defined nature of the cloud is that it can make security teams’ jobs easier. They can inject themselves throughout the infrastructure landscape and lifecycle. They no longer need to […]




VPS cloud hosting Vietnam is now rapidly coming to the fore, with several companies being increasingly willing to adopt this technology.  What was once viewed with much skepticism is now being perceived as a tool to enhance productivity in the office environment. While the cloud computing may not be the right thing for every enterprise, […]




VPS Cloud Vietnam is a free service which speed ups and secures your website by operating as a proxy between servers and your visitors. What is CloudFlare? Cloudflare is known as a website optimization technology that uses a number of techniques to improve your website performance. Cloudflare will inspect and filter out , unwanted traffic, malicious […]

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VPS cloud server Vietnam has been popular for years, but recently, a new trend has emerged within the sector – the using of multi-cloud solutions.  This concept refers to the use of multiple service providers to fulfill demands. Businesses are enamored with cloud hosting because of the expanded efficiency it can provide. When coupled with […]




What is a VPS cloud? It is a form of hosting that continues to grow in popularity due to its convenient and useful functionality. Cloud hosting is used to host your websites/ domain names/ application/ software and manage databases. The attractiveness behind cloud hosting over in-house hosting is the use of offsite server resources which […]




Google infrastructure czar Urs Hölzle is focused on VPS cloud Linux future where users do not think about the infrastructure. “So that means you may have a million users who move to that new hardware platform, not knowing they did”, he said at the Structure Conference in San Francisco. This means you can really insert […]




How can I guarantee cloud-to-cloud data backup security? Cloud-based backups for VPS cloud cheap Vietnam can be secured via many methods. Backup software and erasure coding may be just what is required to improve your cloud-to-cloud backup security. There are a lot of ways to ensure the security of your cloud-to-cloud data backup. One popular […]




We all know that cloud server can get the better security and performance. There are several VPS cloud backup disadvantages and advantages. Cloud backup advantage Efficiency and reliability: Cloud hosting providers utilize state-of-the-art technology, such as disk-based backup, application-specific protection, encryption, data deduplication, compression, server virtualization, storage virtualization and more in SAS 70-certified data centers. […]




In 2016 will see more public VPS cloud Vietnam offerings shuttered with additional development being funneled to the dominant company. For years incumbent vendors pooh-poohed the rise of AWS, dismissing it as the sandbox of immature customers – SMBs and startups. When AWS become too large to dismiss so blithely, incumbent providers (both giants like […]