Samsung buys joyent cloud server vietnam company

October 27, 2016

On Jun 16 2016, Samsung announced to acquire cloud server Vietnam company – Joyent – a leader in public cloud and private cloud services.

Samsung said that the transaction would allow Samsung to develop cloud services on smart phones and Internet of Things (IoT).

Joyent will become a part of the mobile communication department of Samsung Electronics. However, it continues operating as an independent company after this acquisition. The leaders of Joyent including CEO Scott Hammond, CTO Bryan and VP Bill Fine will continue working on the cloud projects of Samsung.


As smart phones and other networked devices become popular all over the world, cloud computing technology and Vietnam cloud server will be seen as basic to the create a reliable service for users . Samsung used to commit to provide users with great experience in the field of mobile and IoT. This acquisition is a confirmation for that commitment.

In the past few years, Samsung has bought three US technology companies. Joyent is the 3rd company in this acquisition. Two other companies are SmartThings (smart household equipment manufacturers) & LoopPay (magnetic secure transmission company). These acquisitions have helped Samsung Pay (mobile payment service) compete with other services such as Apple Pay and credit cards as traditionally.


Founded in 2004, Joyent has developed with the goal to become a technology company that will be acquired in the future as Virtustream, SoftLayer and Metacloud. And that happens now. This has created a trend of mergers and acquisitions in the fields of technology. Joyent’s products include Node.js web applications, Triton platform and Vietnam VPS server Manta.

“Samsung monitors the development of the startups in order to create new software and services. Acquisition is one of our importantstrategy. Joyent is a valuable technology company and we believe that it will create significant contributions to Samsung. Joyent will also take advantage of the advantages of Samsung to achieve development goals.” Mr. David Eun, president of Samsung’s Global Innovation Center said.