Pros and cons of vps cloud unlimited bandwidth backup technologies

December 13, 2016

Fueled by bandwidth/capacity optimization technology, VPS cloud unlimited bandwidth backup is becoming an alternative to portable media.

There are two popular approaches to cloud data backup now: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud storage services. As an alternative to available software and second storage, backup SaaS is known as a Web-native application stored and operated at a central location and accessed by a browser-based interface. It is characterized as having a utility pricing model and a multi-tenant architecture. Lightweight agents residing on systems to be protected pass data at the primary website to the VPS cloud server Vietnam.


Cloud storage solutions are a hybrid of available components. For backup, the IT organization has available control of software, hardware, coupled with leveraging off-premise services or infrastructure (data centers housing powerful network, computer and storage resources). Cloud backup services are charged back to the users on a consumption basis that is based on capacity, bandwidth or seat.

Cloud backup considerations

Each cloud service has a silver lining. In the case of cloud-based backup, there are many benefits. All of the cloud backup technology approaches are useful because the information can be accessed from any Internet-connected device; it has available security; and digital information is easier to search, manage, transfer and retrieve. There might also be some cost and budgeting benefits to outsourcing all or a piece of the backup storage.


A must have: Cloud-to-cloud backup

Sooner or later, VPS cloud Vietnam providers will have no choice but to offer cloud-to-cloud backup. They will need to do something new in the future. If you are trying to sell data protection or business continuity and resiliency and you must care about all data, not just available data. There are a lot of other companies in backup right now trying to figure out how to transform their business because backup alone does not interest users. To broaden their availability, cloud backup would make more sense and a good addition to the available backup they already do.