Multi-cloud VPS Vietnam implementations can become invaluable (part 2)

August 25, 2017

IT organizations will commit to multi- cloud VPS Vietnam architectures by 2018, multi-cloud implementations could quickly become the norm.

Enhanced resilience & handling compliancy

Vendor lock-in, data center failures, and bandwidth glitches can leave businesses and their clients severely frustrated; apps that are consistently down reflect poorly and will likely send customers to an organization’s competitors. As such, multi-cloud vendors insist that allowing any critical data or app to depend on just one cloud vendor is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, such single – cloud provisions put all of the power into the hands of the service vendor who understands that negotiations and disagreements are likely to negatively affect users much more than their own businesses.

Compliance issues and data sovereignty are also encouraging multi-cloud adoption since there’s no set of global rules governing services of VPS cloud Vietnam and thus operating cross-border can be a nightmare of disparate rules and regulations leaving organizations open to exposure. Storing data locally allows for fewer data sovereignty challenges, while latency-sensitive apps benefit from trafficking through data centers located nearer to users.

Cloud VPS vietnam

Constructive but demanding

Moving between clouds can be difficult because each separate cloud infrastructure has its own unique installations and structures, and would not be encouraging users to move on to other cloud service vendors. Most vendors try their best to make moving onto their platform as simple as possible but with good business sense, do not encourage customers to move away by providing too much ease in such instances. The same technology that makes it possible for users to move to a cloud service vendor is also able to facilitate the process of migration between cloud VPS in Vietnam, and so businesses wishing to take advantage of the agility, cost-savings and improved solutions of multi – cloud implementations needn’t fret. With the IDC predicting more than 85% of IT organizations will commit to multi-cloud architectures by 2018, multi-cloud implementations could quickly become the norm.


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