Managing disadvantages of cloud VPS Vietnam for greater utility (p.2)

August 16, 2017

Besides, you will need a very good Internet connection to be logged onto the cloud VPS Vietnam at all times.

You will invariably be stuck in case of network and connectivity problems. Finally, and perhaps most studied, disadvantage is ineffective security. Although it’s so difficult to trust something well out of our hands, by now most recognize that cloud service vendors, if chosen wisely, are better equipped to deliver optimally safe services. However, this doesn’t mean that there’re not many cloud services and apps available that’re not correctly safe and even the top service vendors face a constant battle against hacking and cyber-attack. On the other side, such organizations typically are better equipped to face such challenges, but it is necessary to consider the likelihood that a small company alone would ever attract the notice of such nefarious forces.

Cloud vps vietnam

The risks of employees & the cloud

Cloud Vietnam has been commenced in an effort to better utilize IT resources. Unfortunately, this’s just one organization that’s recognizing technological implementation challenges that have to be addressed before the solutions can be considered satisfactory. Security is a challenge for every company, but maybe less obvious are the security risks employees themselves are creating through their personal use of cloud services. Most evidently, apps like Google’s cloud apps & Dropbox provide the means for employees to deliberately upload and download data and apps onto and off of the organization’s internal databases.

Some of the cloud apps most of us would consider highly valuable, offering services like automatic discovery and file transfer for simplified collaboration, can, in fact, cause countless challenges if exercised improperly or not carefully managed. Organizations with sensitive data not rigidly secured could face heavy losses and devastating break-ins.

Although many drawbacks exist in the VPS cloud Vietnam, this’s no reason to throw in the towel and slink back to more traditional technologies; understanding the disadvantages ensures a proper appreciation of the benefits and allows for implementations more likely to advance and adequately support your business and its processes.


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