Make IT service affordable for small business with Cloud VPS server

July 25, 2017

Recent advancements in Cloud VPS server have made enterprise IT services, like DNS management, a reality for even small businesses.

Making enterprise IT affordable

The customers have started to expect the same levels of online performance from small businesses as they do from enterprises. Everything from app to network performance, even DNS resolution times are all being held to the same standard as tech giants, like Google. If you cannot meet these requirements, the Twittersphere will explode, your brand could be damaged and your revenue will be reduced… all because you cannot be Google.

If you’re a modern business, then you need to make sure your content is readily accessible and loads faster regardless of a customer’s location or device.

How are small businesses supposed to maintain stride with these performance metrics? Most companies do not have the connections, resources or know-how to engineer the same performance as enterprise organizations. Let alone the time to stay on top of vulnerabilities, regulations and Internet trends.

The Answer is ITOS

Internet Traffic Optimization Services (ITOS) industry strives to bridge the gap by using best cloud VPS server in VietNam to help companies of all sizes achieve the same performance goals as enterprises. ITOS uses cloud-hosted management platforms to give the small businesses the same global infrastructure as a tech giant, without the tech giant price tag.

Many recent researches have shown that migrating to the cloud can and will save your organization money, no matter how small or large your network needs are.

These networks use Anycast technology, which is hosted in the cloud, self-healing, and highly redundant. Anycast networks are able to authoritatively represent a domain’s name servers at multi-points of presence. That means your domain’s DNS information is hosted at dozens of locations around the world, on multiple name servers at any given time. This dramatically reduces the time it takes for clients to resolve your domain because your DNS information is hosted locally. It is simple physics and the closer you are to your end – users, the faster your website will load.

But speed is only one of many benefits that small businesses gain when implementing an ITOS solution. DNS management has evolved through the migration to cloud – hosted networks, but more importantly through the availability of big data. The cloud cloud VPS server VietNam Hosting has made big data faster, affordable and is able to be updated in real-time. Nowadays, you can use big data analytics to influence routing decisions in real time. You can gather critical insights about your end – users’ routing patterns and behaviors and make intelligent routing decisions customized on a per user basis.