Comparison between vps cloud cpanel, vps and dedicated server

November 21, 2016

Have you ever confused by choosing VPS cloud cPanel, VPS and dedicated server? This article will help you find the most suitable service.

Cloud hosting service is used to talk about a shared resource approach to web hosting. Your website is hosted remotely and utilizes a series of resources offered by the hosting service but you are using a resource pool utilized by many other websites and cloud hosting users. This can improve a decreased performance on your website if another website using your same resources requires more server activity. The final result is rather unfair, and quite difficult to deal with for small business.


Dedicated servers and virtual private servers – VPS find to address that concern by dedicating server resources specifically for your use. Hiring a dedicated server or VPS allocates a specific amount of bandwidth and hardware capacity to your VPS cloud Vietnam. Everything still works the same as with cloud hosting and the tools provided for maintaining and managing your website. The only difference is that you have your own server you are not sharing with other users.

A higher cost is often associated with a dedicated server, although the performance associated can make a world of difference for high traffic websites. If you do not have the budget or the traffic to justify leasing an entire server, you can instead hire a VPS. In this case, a single server is partitioned into multiple virtual servers and you can lease one of them for a lower monthly rate. Each VPS is similar to a small server, dedicating specific resources to your hosting without the reduced performance associated with cloud hosting standard.

The benefits of cloud hosting

Cloud hosting service provides many benefits from simple convenience to enterprise-level solutions. Besides the cost savings of offsite hosting, you can find the benefits:

Physical security: The data centers where servers are hosted typically have multiple security layers in place from ID card scanners to security cameras so that preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing or disrupting servers.

Utility cost: You only pay for the resources you use and thus do not have servers in-house that are not being used to their fullest extent.

Scalability and flexibility: The resources provided in a cloud hosting setting can scale easily to the needs of the users and are not limited to the physical constraints of a single server. If your website experiences moments of extra traffic, the VPS cloud hosting Vietnam service can borrow unused resources easily from additional servers.


Reliable: As opposed to the ever-present possibility of failure with in-house hardware, cloud hosting occurs in the offsite data center made up of hundreds of servers with multiple redundancies which protect against failures and make sure that ongoing availability to both you and your web traffic.

Cloud hosting solutions

Many cloud hosting providers exist throughout the world, each offering their own range of functionalities and features to appeal to the non-technical and technical users. The most popular of these include Just Host, Go Daddy and iPage. Each provides competitive monthly prices and a wide range of functions to increase the value of their service.