Cloud VPS Vietnam security threats

September 12, 2017

Organizations are no longer sitting on their hands, wondering if they should risk migrating apps and data to the Cloud VPS Vietnam.

  1. Compromised credentials and broken authentication

Data breaches and other hackers frequently result from lax authentication, weak passwords and poor key or certificate management. Organizations usually struggle with identity management as they try to allocate permissions appropriate to the user’s job role. More important, sometimes they forget to remove the user access when a job function changes or a user leaves the organization.

Multi-factor authentication systems like smartcards, phone-based, password authentications protect cloud services because they make it harder for hackers to log in with stolen passwords. Besides, many developers make the mistake of embedding credentials and cryptographic keys in source code and leaving them in public-facing repositories like GitHub. Keys need to be appropriately protected & a well-secured public key infrastructure is necessary. They also need to be rotated periodically to make it harder for hackers to use keys they have obtained without authorization.

Organizations and enterprises planning to federate identity with a Vietnam VPS server provider need to understand the safe measures the vendor uses to protect the identity platform. Centralizing identity into a single repository has its risks. Organizations and enterprises need to weigh the trade-off of the convenience of centralizing identity against the risk of having that repository become an extremely high-value target for hackers.

  1. Data breaches

Cloud computing faces lots of the similar threats as traditional corporate networks, but because of the vast amount of data stored on cloud servers, vendors become an attractive target. Level of damage tends to depend on sensitivity of the data exposed. Exposed personal financial information tends to get the headlines, but breaches involving trade secrets, health information and intellectual property can be more devastating. If a data breach happens, organizations may get fines or they may face lawsuits or criminal charges. Breach investigations and clients notifications can rack up significant costs. Indirect effects, like brand damage and loss of business, can impact organizations for years.

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  1. Account hijacking

Fraud, phishing and software exploits are still successful, and services of managed VPS servers Vietnam add a new dimension to the threat because hackers can eavesdrop on activities, manipulate transactions, and adjust data. Hackers may also be able to use the cloud application to launch other hackers.

Common defense-in-depth protection strategies can contain the damage incurred by a breach. Enterprises and organizations should prohibit sharing of account credentials between the services and the users and enable multi-factor authentication schemes where available. Accounts should be monitored so that every transaction can be traced to a human owner. The key is to protect account credentials from being stolen.


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