5 ways cloud VPS Vietnam will change our lives

September 6, 2017

Cloud VPS Vietnam technology is the next big thing. Below are 5 ways this emergent technology will transform our lives.

  1. Where are the computers?

With human-machine interaction becoming more hands free, computers will soon turn invisible because of cloud computing. The recent launch of Kinect, which uses a 3D camera and an infrared detection system to detect movements and gestures, marked the beginning of the disappearance of hardware.

  1. It is not a mobile device, it is a supercomputer

It doesn’t matter where you are because with the processing power of the cloud, you can access virtually any type of information, anywhere. Integrating available market data for a particular industry, latest national and international news, new stories, social media posts and even weather projections can help you make better decisions and support your research; all this merely with the use of mobile!

  1. Online shopping, because shopping at malls is too main stream

Gone are the days when people buy from people. Both consumers and enterprises are shifting to transactions, powered by cloud hosting Vietnam. Consumers today form an opinion of a company’s products only after conducting a thorough research on various social media platforms or other online communities especially through cloud apps.

Plenty of businesses offer free online versions of their products or services with the hope that eventually consumers will shift to paid versions with more features; it is a win-win, for both consumers and businesses!

Cloud vps vietnam

  1. Cloud based apps make life easier

Remember those days when the coolest gift you could give to a kid was a remote controlled car or perhaps a dollhouse? Now those days are gone. Even kids in this day and age possess / wish to possess a smartphone, let alone the adults. So why have smartphones become necessary? In all probability, it’s because of the design & availability of a variety of cloud based applications addressing different demands for every generation.

To name a few, a cloud based application alerts drivers of electric cars when their batteries are about to run out so they can easily find a charging station beforehand.

Gaming has taken a whole new avatar, with complex 3-D graphics delivered to mobile devices through the cloud thanks to its power to provide high speed without interruption. It’s not only captured the attention of professional gamers but young children as well.

Various educational & training applications meant to target children are now gaining popularity among parents. They seem to perceive it as a convenient and exciting way to teach their kids simply by using a smartphone or a tablet.

A medical equipment enterprise recently developed a cloud based app that feeds information to field system engineers who were responsible for maintaining health equipment. Technicians can refer to training modules through cloud based applications for repair & maintenance.

  1. Go global

Cloud server Vietnam providers like Amazon Web Services have data centers all over the world. This enables small and medium size businesses to scale globally with reduced overhead costs because building a physical data center at an entirely new location is not required.


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