3 methods to secure enterprise in cloud VPS Vietnam

August 24, 2017

This article highlights 3 important features used to secure data in cloud VPS Vietnam: authorization, authentication & encryption.

  1. Authorization

Firstly, authorizing the functionality a user can access is another way to help secure data in the cloud. After a user is logged in a cloud platform needs to offer rich functionality to authorize user actions. A company cloud platform should include Role Based Access Control which allows the authorization of users by source IP address, by username/groups of users. The most advanced cloud platforms allow users to build customized Access Control Lists to build simple or complicated authorization rules.

  1. Authentication

Secondly, to ensure only authenticated users can log into a Vietnam VPS server vn, companies should use an authentication mechanism held outside the cloud and in an enterprise DC. Many enterprises authenticate users by using SSL – Secure Sockets Layer to establish an encrypted connection between their cloud vendor service and their existing internal ADFS – Active Directory Federation Services or LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol server. Another popular authentication way is to use Security Assertion Markup Language for Single Sign-On that makes it easier for the users to log in to multiple systems without remembering multi-passwords. Cloud service vendors should also offer ways to integrate user authentication with 2-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication tools that provide additional layers of enterprise security.

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  1. Encryption

Finally, encryption is an add-level of security which encodes all the data so that only users who have a proper key can properly read it. Users without the key either cannot see the data or it is seen as an unintelligible string of characters. The first way cloud vendors use encryption is to keep data in-flight safe between client browsers and the cloud vendor using Transport Layer Security, a protocol sometimes referred to by its legacy name SSL. This use of encryption secures all data between the enterprise customer site and the cloud service vendor so it cannot be read in transit across the Internet.

In addition to using encryption for data in-flight, many vendors of cloud free VPS Vietnam can also encrypt data at-rest while stored in a database using technologies like column encryption. Database column encryption, as the name suggests, can encrypt each database column using a unique private encryption key. This often takes the form of authorizing specific fields to be visible by certain users or users with certain roles. For example, this use of data at-rest encryption could potentially only permit users who have an authorized Human Resources role to see database fields showing employees home addresses and other personal information in an unencrypted format.


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